Dawn of the New Age

I stared hard a the back of his head. Here I was sitting in the middle of the class room. Wondering when life would get more interesting. My teacher, Mr. Gimbly, droning on about how worms can do a thing called mitosis. Weird and gross. I have sat back in my chair ever since the first day of school and wondered, pondered, and imagined what the world would be like without adults. Without most of the population. What if everyone over the age of 25 just disappeared? Along with 90% of the population?

It would be interesting. No more school. No more work. Everyone for themselves. Life meant only for one simple fact. Survival. Well sadly to say after pondering, wondering, and imagining this it came true. Not exactly true. But 90% of the population was destroyed over night. Actually, it was more like 95%. Which when you do the math really is a lot of people to just die over night.

I woke up with meteors raining down over my head. My house had been hit by one and my roommate was nowhere to be found. She might be alive or…not. I don’t know what has happened to her. I do hope she is alright. But as I feel the blast vibrations from multiple hit all around me I wonder what will happen now.

Odd thought to think at tha precise moment but one that went through my head all the same. Terror did grip me at last when I mae my way outside and found my home and the city in which I lived were non-existent anymore. At last the final meteor fell. I felt relieved and scared all at once. What would I find? I felt different. it was something I had felt ever since when I woke to the terror that had become my life. Did I do this? My thoughts n how I imagined life would be with fewer people.

I made my way down what was left of the street. Searching, what seemed in vain, for people. I heard no cries and saw no bodies. It was creepy to the point of insanity. My head hurt and I couldn’t seem to get a handle on this feeling of immense joy in me. My skin had itched all night and my back felt like a thousand needles were pressed into it.

When I stumbled in a half standing bakery I saw someone rummaging through the store. Tall, dark hair, muscular, and nice tanned skin. As my feet crunched on the uneven floor he flew around knife in hand.

“Anni?” It was mister handsome from class. My mind spun.

“Jacob? Um…Hi…” I didn’t know what to say. I was just as stunned seeing him as he was seeing me. Out of all the people I imagined seeing first… He was not one of them.

“I am so hungry. We should work together. It might be easier.” He glanced up at me. “Haha, you’re dirty.” He laughed again.

“I just went through a meteor shower! Of course I’m dirty! So are you.” Dirty? Really? That was the first thing he saw? DIRT! Made my day miser hottie. Thank you I look gross. I looked at him and saw that I had said something wrong. that ticked me off even more. “Jerk.” The word felt heavy even as I said it.

“Anni, I only meant…” He paused looking very nervous. “I only meant, usually you look amazing…like a flower, but today you actually have dirt on you.” My face must have shown that I was still angry because he continued. “I mean that you used to seem so distant. Like a star in the sky. I would see you and know you were beautiful, but I would never be able to touch you.”

Wow. I was stunned speechless. I know it showed because he smiled and nervously began to talk again, but i was still focusing all on that star..beauty..touch thing… Mister hottie thought I was beautiful????? I smiled.

“…thought we could. It might be best if we did. So what do you think?” He clasped his hands together like we had just made a plan.

“Um….Yeah, great. Awesome let’s do it.” What did I just agree to? Oh, god!

“Alright, I”ll get the equipment and you gather up all the food you can. Also here is a knife just in case.” He handed me a black military army knife. It was about 6″ long with a smooth edge at the top of the blade ending with a couple of inches of serrated blade. As we worked we could finally hear distant shouts of what seemed to be people and animals trying to survive.

I heard a snarl behind me. I turned to find a man who looked like he had been pieced together by different animal parts. I screamed as loud as I could and it flinched for a moment. Only a moment, before it raced after me. I grabbed the knife and with a courage I didn’t know I possessed and stabbed the thing right through the heart.

“Anni are you al…..” He stared amazed first at the beat then he just stared at me in awe. Like I was a star. He finally managed to mumble out, “You’re an angel?”

Angel? I looked up. My back was holding up magnificent wings. I flexed my back muscles and felt my beautiful wings respond like they had always been a part of me. The need of them being having gone they slowly sank back into my skin. And as I watched. they wrapped around me before tattooing themselves into my skin. Purple, black, and blue. Stunning.

“Anni…” I he spoke my name right before he blacked out. A new age was dawning and I was a part of it.

Look for more chapters of this amazing story each week her at, Looks on Life.


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Roses are red, Violets are blue, but nothing, is quite as cute as you…

I stand as time stands. Still yet ever-moving. Young but always growing. I hold my hand out as a tree holds its branches out. Ever growing. Ever knowing. I am but one. One man. One man to one woman. I stand still as time. Here before her. Strong. Standing as the wind blows and the storm comes, yet I stand. Here. Before her. As time stands still. Yet is constantly moving. Here I stand waiting for her. I, the tree, standing before her waiting. Watching. Ever knowing. Seasons changes. leaves fall. Heart slows. i rest. Sleep. Ever knowing. Ever waiting. ever watching. I wake to the music of love and hope that as my leaves bud. New flowers bloom. Hearts fall. Whispers speak of love. I hope. Ever waiting. Standing still before her. Maybe one day she will see me. The beautiful tree that stands before her. Ever waiting. Ever watching. Ever knowing.

Symbolic of a love I have. She will never know. She may never see. And that is alright to me. I love her. Others you may have a love of your life or a crush on a cute someone. you ever feel like this tree? a tree is beautiful in the autumn. Its leaves turn amazing colors. It is beautiful during the winter when it is a stark black contrast to the white snow. It becomes a part of a black and white wonderland. The spring when the tree buds flowers. During the summer when it fills out and is a beautiful part of the canopy of greenery. Beautiful.

Written by Aaron Hoskins

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Ever had someone tell you to walk by faith? I have. I could never understand what people meant. To me it was something I had to believe in to get it to work. What I didn’t realize however is that everyone has faith. Are you saying, “Nuh-uh. I definitely don’t have faith. I don’t even believe in it.”

What people fail to realize is that everyone has faith. What people don’t understand is that it is based upon two things that most would never notice. 1. What is the object of your faith and how well do you know it? “But I don’t believe in faith; your wasting your breath.” See right there. Your belief. To believe in something is having faith in it. For instance, when you drive through a green light you may not even realize it but you have faith that the lights on your left and right are red. You have faith that the other drivers in their cars will stop at the red light and that you will make it to the other side of the intersection unscathed.

You may still be sceptical saying, “Whatever. That doesn’t prove anything.” Well, it does. 2. How reliable is the object of your belief? Another example is time. You have faith that every day the earth rotates around the sun. That each hour will pass with sixty minutes within each hour and sixty seconds within each minute. You have faith that every time you rise up in the morning the sun will eventually brighten the day. You have faith that when you set your alarm clock it will wake you up at the correct time. You have faith that as the earth spins on its axis it will not move a couple of inches to the left or right causing our time to flux.

It would be chaos, but since it has been reliable for thousands of years no one will question it. It is the same with everything else. What is the object of your faith? How well do you know your object, are you viewing it in the right perspective? Or is it that since you do not know it well you do not understand it and therefore see it from a different perspective?

Just something to think about. What do you believe in? And what are your beliefs about them? Tell me what you think. Friendly criticism is welcome.

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Job Hunt

Ever notice how many companies are in the United States and yet day after day there are all those people, and maybe you are one of them, that still haven’t found a job yet? I recently did a google search to find out how I can make a little extra cash. I came upon sites and sites of easy ways to make a quick buck. Anywhere from babysitting to filling out surveys.

Did you know that companies often hire young people to help with “social media marketing”, in other words these companies are needing help with sites like myspace or facebook.

Freelance writers can get gigs from websites like Elance or Odesk. And get paid to write simple articles. Writers can also write reviews for websites. Here are a few, Ciao, Epinions.com, or RiverStream.com.

Easy jobs to do that aren’t the most favored are jobs like dog-walking (and offering to pick up the poop), being an Errand runner, Driver, or a computer consultant.

The thing most people don’t get when they are looking for a job is that jobs aren’t only at the restaurants and companies you see driving around the city. There are jobs for just about anything. Sometimes the dumbest ideas get publicity which may in turn prove to be worth a lot of profit.

So when you next set out to earn some money think of all the possible ways out there to earn money.

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